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New Immigration Facts 2013 Presentation Released

One of the most popular public PowerPoint presenations on the facts of immigration in the U.S. now has a new version. Shown for the first time at the recent Arizona Federal Immigration Reform Debate, the 2013 version of "Truth in Immigration" is now available for public consumption. View it below, or download it from SlideShare. If you find it useful, please donate to AZEIR using the link to the right.

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AZEIR "Ellis Island Border Centers" - Create immigration centers on U.S. territory on the border whose purpose is to process foreign citizens looking for work in the U.S. [PDF]

Congressional Immigration Solutions Conference: - Recorded on May 1, 2012, this C-SPAN video captures a discussion of alternative federal immigration solutions from a law enforcement, humanitarian and academic perspective. Presenters are Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Rev. Robin Hoover, Ph.D. and founder of Humane Borders, and Dr. Douglas Massey, professor at Princeton University and co-director of the Mexican Migration Project. [Watch video]

9 Out Of 10 Immigration Statements Are Wrong

Using a simple analysis of two media "fact check" web sites that examined the truthfulness of public statements by political leaders and elected officials (Politifact and AZ Fact Check), AZEIR found that each source, determined immigration-related statements wrong 9 out of 10 times. This stunning finding raises serious questions about the factual basis of the immigration debate and the motivations of those who make or repeat false statements. Unquestionably, the truth must be the sole basis for discussing the issue and finding immigration solutions. We must hold politicians accountable for misstatements of fact. Anything less adds to the problem and makes sensible solutions less likely.

Tampa Bay Times "PolitiFact" (3/14/2012)

Pants On Fire


Mostly False

Half True

Mostly True














Wrong 88.7%


When people testify under oath in court, they swear to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” There is no instance where a witness is sworn to “Tell the truth, mostly the truth, or half of the truth.” Yet based on the independent analyses of these news organizations, 88.7% of the statements examined by PolitiFact and 91.8% of those checked by AZ Fact Check fail to meet the standard for truth used in our judicial system.

Arizona Republic "Fact Check" (3/14/2012)


Mostly False

Somewhat False Somewhat True

Mostly True












Wrong 91.8%


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What Works, What Doesn't?

While no one questions our country's immigration system is broken, that there are people here who should not be here and who have violated civil or criminal statutes to get here; that there are unscrupulous employers who hire immigrant labor for various reasons, or that Congress has failed to step up and address the problem, there are plenty of questions as to the true impacts immigrants have on our country and economy. Since 2007, AZEIR has been involved in studying this issue with the goal of understanding it from the perspective of businesses, getting a clear picture of what exactly is happening at the local, state and national level. Our goal is to make available to the business community and the public well researched empirical studies that provide an accurate assessment of how immigration is affecting our country, our economy and our people.

Bad Information Makes for bad public policy

Arizona-centric Research

Because Arizona has been at the forefront of the public, legislative and legal debate on immigration, more studies have been done that look at the effects our laws have had on Arizona. Below are a few of the latest studies currently available on the issue. Please note these are not studies commissioned for or by AZEIR. These are third-party organizations and any questions about their findings should be addressed to the specific organizations and authors.

National Research Studies

Other city, county and state jurisdictions have introduced immigration-related laws and many business and government-related groups have conducted studies into whether these laws are effective or not, measuring them on many levels, including reductions in jobs, crime, housing, etc. Please note these are not studies commissioned for or by AZEIR. These are third-party organizations and any questions about their findings should be addressed to the specific organizations and author.

AZEIR PowerPoint Presentations

Below are a few of the PowerPoint presentations we have put together in the past that help explain the facts of the immigration issue. Please feel free to share them with others.

Truth in Immigration Title
Immigration Facts - Click to View
Avoiding Arizona's Mistakes
Avoiding Arizona's Mistakes

U.U. General Assembly 2012 Talk


Have A Suggestion?

We are always looking for studies that use standard and verifiable research methodologies to examine government policies for effectiveness, efficiency and reducing the cost of government. If you are aware of any such research reports or books on immigration you would like us to know about and possibly highlight here on our web site, please send an email to and put the words "Research Suggestion" as the subject of the message Even if it isn't based on standard research methods, we're more than will to take a look and add it to our research collection.

Last updated: December 24, 2013

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