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Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform (AZEIR) is a coalition of Arizona businesses and trade associations dedicated to the passage of sensible immigration reform.  We are small businesses, farmers, manufacturers, contractors and service providers.  We are the backbone of the Arizona economy. 

Membership in Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform is open to all businesses, small, medium and large. You can join as a corporate member or an individual, it's totally up to you. As a corporate member, you are allowing the name of your business to be affiliated with AZEIR and its efforts. As an indvidual member, only you are directly affiliated with AZEIR and your company/employer name will not be part of your membership.

Please note that AZEIR does not share its contact information with any third-party organization or group. All of the information you provide her is kept scrictly confidentail and will be used only for AZEIR's stated purposes.

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Thank you for your support of Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform.

Last updated: January 16, 2012